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Welcome to a sneak peek of Vernon’s Antique Car Museum. With a passion for rare, low production automobiles you will find some of the rarest antiques in North America. All autos adhere to the strictest standard of authenticity, in some cases being restored to “better than new” condition. To test the quality of restoration the cars are shown at some of the most prominent car shows in North America including Meadow brook Concours, Amelia Island Concours and Pebble Beach, all leaving with high marks and various awards including the Buick Corporate award in 2010 for our 1958 Buick Limited.

The collection includes a wide variety of cars between 1908 and 1970 with something for every collector varying from Muscle to Luxury and sport cars alike. All cars featuring all of their original options including rarities such as a 325 hemi, to a first year factory fuel injection with air conditioning. This collection now totals 56 automobiles and boasts production numbers like 1 of 8. Like our website or collection is always changing. Please ensure you stop by often and join us on a journey through history that illustrates not only fine engineering and ingenuity but excellence in design and styling as well.

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